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We Fight Speeding HTA Charges

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Speeding, reckless driving, or DUI – no matter the charge, we stand with you. Benefit from our proven record of reducing or dismissing traffic penalties, saving you costs, and safeguarding your driving privileges.

Why you need to fight Highway Traffic Act speeding charges

Addressing speeding charges is critical to avoid significant ramifications on your driving record and insurance. Here’s why it is essential:

Preserve your driving record

Keeping a clean record ensures your driving privileges remain intact.

Avoid insurance hikes

Combatting charges helps in maintaining your current insurance rates.

Prevent license suspension

Accumulating too many demerit points can lead to suspension; fighting the charge can prevent this.

Uphold your reputation

For professional drivers, a clean record is crucial to uphold your reputation and career.

Penalties for Highway Traffic Act speeding charges

Speeding charges under the Highway Traffic Act can incur several penalties:


Monetary penalties increase with the severity of the speeding offense.

Demerit Points

Points accumulate on your driving record, affecting insurance and potentially leading to suspension.

Insurance Rate Increase

Convictions lead to increased insurance premiums.

Driving Record

A conviction stays on your driving record for years, impacting future insurance and employment opportunities.

How to fight Highway Traffic Act speeding charges

Building a robust defense is essential. Here are steps to effectively contest speeding charges:

  • Immediate Consultation:
    • Seek immediate consultation to understand the gravity and nuances of the charge.
  • Expert Insights:
    • Gain insights on potential defense strategies and procedural requirements.
2. Gather Relevant Documents
  • Documentation:
    • Collect all relevant documents and evidence pertinent to the case.
  • Evidence Analysis:
    • Analyze the evidence to identify inconsistencies or errors.
3. Develop a Defense Strategy
  • Legal Grounds:
    • Identify legal grounds for contesting the charge.
  • Expert Testimony:
    • Consider incorporating expert testimonies to bolster the defense.
4. Court Representation
  • Legal Representation:
    • Ensure seasoned legal representation to present the case professionally.
  • Negotiation Skills:
    • Leverage negotiation skills to aim for reduced penalties or dismissal.

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About Speeding Violations in Ontario

In Ontario, HTA speeding violations are a prevalent issue affecting thousands of drivers each year. According to Ontario Traffic Council, speeding remains a leading factor in road accidents and fatalities across the province. As traffic volumes increase, so does the number of speeding violations, making it a pressing concern for both law enforcement and public safety initiatives.

Statistically, speeding has been linked to a significant portion of traffic accidents in Ontario. The Ontario Road Safety Annual Report highlighted that excessive speed contributes to about one-third of all road fatalities. This alarming statistic underscores the critical need for awareness, education, and legal navigation for individuals charged with speeding under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA).

For drivers, an HTA speeding violation not only leads to immediate penalties, such as fines and demerit points but can also have a long-term impact on insurance premiums and driving records. In severe cases, it can result in license suspension, hampering one’s ability to commute, and affecting daily life and livelihood.

This is where “We Fight Your Tickets” steps in. Our specialized legal services are designed to support individuals facing speeding violations, providing them with expert guidance and representation. We understand the complexities of the HTA, the potential defenses, and the procedural nuances to challenge and mitigate speeding charges effectively. Our team’s focus is not only on the legal aspect but also on minimizing the violation’s impact on the client’s life and future.

Every case we undertake is approached with a customized strategy, designed to align with the specific circumstances and nuances of the incident. We meticulously evaluate every detail, from the calibration of speed measurement devices to the conditions of the road and the signage, building a comprehensive defense that seeks reduced penalties or, where possible, the dismissal of charges.

In a landscape where speeding violations are intricate and penalties stringent, having “We Fight Your Tickets” as your ally ensures that your case is navigated with expertise, your defense articulated with precision, and your rights upheld with unwavering commitment. Our legacy is marked by countless clients empowered, charges contested, and futures safeguarded. Your defense journey, backed by our expertise, transforms a legal challenge into a pathway to justice and empowerment.

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