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Defend Your Rights Against Criminal Charges

Facing criminal charges can be daunting. We’re here to stand by your side, offering robust defense strategies to challenge accusations, ensuring your rights are upheld, and striving for the most favorable outcomes.

Types of Summary Elected Criminal Charges We Fight

Theft Under $5,000

Stealing property valued at less than $5,000, resulting in potential fines or short-term imprisonment.


Causing bodily harm or threatening to harm another person, leading to legal penalties that can include probation, fines, or jail time.


Damaging or interfering with someone else's property, leading to potential legal consequences like restitution, fines, or jail time.

Trespassing at Night

Illegally entering another person's property during nighttime hours, which can result in legal penalties like fines or short-term imprisonment.

False Pretenses

Deceiving someone to obtain property or services, punishable by fines or jail time.


Creating or using a false document with intent to defraud, leading to legal consequences such as fines or incarceration.

Prostitution-Related Offenses

Engaging in, or profiting from, the sex trade can lead to various penalties, including fines and imprisonment.

Public Mischief

Providing false information that causes police to start or continue an investigation needlessly, leading to potential penalties like fines or jail time.

Disturbing the Peace

Engaging in conduct that disrupts public order or peace, punishable by fines or short-term imprisonment.

Fraud Under $5,000

Deceiving others for personal gain involving amounts less than $5,000, potentially resulting in fines or incarceration.

Possession of a Controlled Substance

Holding illegal drugs or prescription medications without a prescription, leading to penalties like fines, probation, or imprisonment.


Engaging in persistent, unwanted behaviours that distress or annoy another person, potentially leading to fines or imprisonment.

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About Summary Elected Criminal Charges

Navigating the murky waters of legal complexities in Ontario can often be an intimidating process, especially when faced with Summary Elected Criminal Charges. Although these are considered less severe than indictable offenses, the potential impact on one’s reputation, career, and everyday life is substantial.

The Gravity of the Charges
Summary Elected Criminal Charges encompass a variety of offenses, including theft under $5,000, assault, mischief, and possession of controlled substances, among others. A conviction, even on these lesser charges, implies a criminal record. This record can manifest in unforeseen challenges – hindrances in employment prospects, travel restrictions, and social stigma. The journey from being charged to conviction is fraught with legal intricacies, a pathway where expert navigation is not just beneficial but essential.

Your Ally in “We Fight Your Tickets”
This is where “We Fight Your Tickets” emerges as a formidable ally. We are not just legal experts; we are your advocates, dedicated to transforming legal challenges into journeys of empowerment. Our focus extends beyond the courtroom; we are committed to mitigating the multifaceted impacts of legal charges, ensuring that every client emerges with their dignity, rights, and future intact.

Customized Defense Strategies
Each case of Summary Elected Criminal Charges is unique, marked by distinct nuances that demand a bespoke approach. Our team of seasoned attorneys delves deep into the specifics of each case, unravelling defense strategies that are as personalized as they are potent. Whether it’s an accusation of theft, assault, or a drug-related charge, our approach is rooted in legal acumen, strategic innovation, and an unwavering commitment to our clients’ rights.

Navigating Negative Impacts
The negative repercussions of a conviction are far-reaching. Employment, education, housing, and even interpersonal relationships can be impacted. We understand the gravity of these implications. Thus, every defense strategy is designed not just to contest the legal charges but to insulate our clients from the broader impacts of a conviction. Our success isn’t just measured in court victories, but in lives empowered, futures secured, and dignity upheld.

Comprehensive Support
At “We Fight Your Tickets,” we transcend the traditional attorney-client relationship. Our support is comprehensive, marked by constant communication, empathetic engagement, and legal expertise that transforms obstacles into opportunities. From the moment the charges are laid to the final verdict, we stand as the unwavering pillar of support, ensuring that each client is informed, empowered, and represented with unmatched vigor.

Facing Summary Elected Criminal Charges isn’t the culmination of the legal journey – it’s the beginning of a pathway marked by robust defense, legal innovation, and personal empowerment. With “We Fight Your Tickets,” every charge is an opportunity to demonstrate the potency of tailored legal defense. Every client is a testament to our legacy of victory, marked not just by legal acumen but by an unyielding commitment to transforming legal challenges into milestones of empowerment and vindication. Reach out to us, and step into a world where legal defense is not just about contesting charges – it’s about crafting pathways to a future unmarred by the shadows of legal impediments.

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Achieving Legal Victory

Victory is not just about battling the charges; it’s about emerging stronger, wiser, and vindicated. At “We Fight Your Tickets,” we intertwine law, strategy, and humanity, sculpting pathways to your legal triumph.

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