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We Provide Notary Public Services​

Your Trusted Partner for Notarization

From international business to personal matters, our Notary Public ensures your documents are notarized with precision and integrity. We’re committed to making the process smooth, secure, and tailored to your unique needs.

Types of Notary Public Services​ We Provide

Document Notarization

We offer meticulous notarization services, ensuring your documents are authenticated, credible, and legally recognized.

Signature Witnessing

Our Notary Public professionals provide signature witnessing services, confirming the authenticity and voluntary nature of signatures on your documents.

Preparation of Documents

We assist in the precise preparation of legal and official documents, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and legal validity.

Administering Oaths and Affirmations

Get your oaths and affirmations administered by our seasoned Notary Public, bolstering the legal integrity and recognition of your sworn statements.

Execution of Acknowledgments

We facilitate the execution of acknowledgments, verifying the identity and willingness of the signing party for legal and official documents.

Certification of Copies

Trust our experts for the certification of copied documents, confirming their authenticity and alignment with the original.


We provide jurat services, where we witness the signing of a document and administer an oath to the signatory, affirming the content's truthfulness.

International Business Verification

Leverage our Notary Public services for international business verifications, ensuring your cross-border transactions and agreements are legally authenticated.

Power of Attorney

We assist in the preparation and notarization of Powers of Attorney, guaranteeing their legal validity and enforceability.

Block fee pricing

Enjoy clarity and peace of mind with our transparent block fee pricing. No hidden costs, just straightforward, predictable fees tailored to your legal needs.

Proven Success

Join our legacy of victory with over 200,000 clients served and counting. Your case is our mission, and your victory, our proven track record.

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Get a personalized approach from the start with our free consultations for pre-qualification, ensuring tailored strategies for your unique legal needs.

About Notary Public Services

In today’s world, where the authenticity of documents becomes the cornerstone of transparent and trustworthy dealings, the role of Notary Public Services cannot be overstated. At WeFightYourTickets.ca, we are dedicated to encapsulating integrity, precision, and absolute confidentiality in every notarial act we perform, ensuring that your documents not only comply with the legal standards but also embody an unwavering stamp of credibility.

Our Notary Public Services extend beyond the mere act of notarizing documents. We dive deep into ensuring that each signature, every attestation, and all certifications echo the highest echelons of legal and ethical adherence. Whether it’s document notarization, signature witnessing, or the meticulous preparation of documents, we stand as your unwavering partners, engraving each process with accuracy and legitimacy.

Document Notarization is one of our flagship services, underscoring the authenticity of your vital documents. In a world cluttered with information, the assurance that your documents are genuine and reliable is not just a legal requirement but a necessity for peace of mind. We validate and affirm the authenticity of your documents, ensuring they are recognized and accepted globally.

In the sphere of Signature Witnessing, we stand as the silent yet potent witnesses, validating the voluntary and conscious signing of documents. Each signature witnessed by us is not just a testament to the voluntary act of signing but also an affirmation of the signer’s understanding and acceptance of the contents therein.

Our expertise in the Preparation of Documents is crafted to transform complex, often convoluted, legal jargon into clear, concise, and understandable content. Every document prepared by us is a blend of legal acumen, precision, and tailored customization, ensuring it speaks your language while echoing the legalities encapsulated within.

Administering Oaths and Affirmations with us is an experience where legality meets dignity. We understand the gravity carried by oaths and affirmations, and each administration is marked by a solemnity that upholds the sanctity of the words spoken or written.

Our meticulous approach to the Execution of Acknowledgments ensures that every acknowledgment is not just a legal procedure but a testament to the voluntary nature of the act, affirming the signer’s identity, awareness, and willingness.

Certification of Copies with us is a passport to authenticity. Every copy certified by us is a mirror reflection of the original, echoing its authenticity and credibility in unison.

Our Jurats service stands as a testament to the sworn nature of a document, assuring all parties of the signer’s allegiance to truth and authenticity.

When it comes to International Business Verification, we bridge the gap between legal requirements and international standards, ensuring that your international business documents carry the stamp of global acceptance.

Lastly, in Power of Attorney preparations, we infuse legal acumen with personalized care, ensuring that your legal authorizations are not just legally sound but also personalized to cater to your unique needs and situations.

At WeFightYourTickets.ca, we believe that Notary Public Services should be a blend of legal mastery, operational efficiency, and client-centric customization. Every service offered is a journey where legality, authenticity, and client satisfaction converge to create a symphony of trust, reliability, and absolute peace of mind. Your journey to notarized, authenticated, and globally recognized documents begins and ends with us – your partners in unwavering authenticity.

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